Why we Do it

Why we do itAfter years of work in the corporate and business sector, all of the members have had a deep-rooted passion with helping people in need. Naturally, with three founders, each one has a different story and reason, but the joint empathy and willingness to increase the quality of life for the poorest of the poor in the South-Asian region is the force behind this adventure.

It is also about trying to appreciate what most of us take for granted in life, the simple things, such as food, shelter, clothing, education, water and more. Together, we will try to change and increase the life and knowledge of as many people as possible through innovation, creativity and trust.

The need for help will always be there in this world, and being able to fulfill it with sustainable and creative work is something that drives us. Social innovations along with the idea of joining together the people’s and companies’ want to help can create something great that will give help and ease the lives of the needy people we intend to assist. There is a unison drive and compassion for the world at large in Carefountain that gives room for creating something useful, and also improving someone’s life, allowing them to utilize their full potential by not having to think, and waste time, and such basic necessities as water and food.

Even though the task is big, and the goals are optimistic, we share the idea that doing something is better than doing nothing, and now is the time to join powers and do as much as we can to help out our fellow humans in need.