Who we are

Who we areCarefountain is a social enterprise that started out as a discussion of an idea among a few friends living across three different continents. These friends have joined hands to form a small team with big hopes and expectations around the core idea of Carefountain. 

Carefountain is a brand. It brands an intention. The intention is to commit to a social good. The goodness that happens when an individual gets his/her “dignity” protected from the positive impact of sustainable fulfillment of his/her basic human needs, no regards to his/her economic background, social surroundings, geographical location or ethnic identity. The basic needs that Carefountain would focus on are basic food (& clean drinking water), shelter and clothing.

At Carefountain we believe being worthy of honor and respect is a birthright of every human being. We firmly believe that “dignity” is the basis of all subsequent human developments and enhancement of all other human traits. Without sustainable provisions for basic food, shelter and clothing human dignity is non-existent and hence blocks any further development and enhancement of human capabilities. Absence of dignity exterminates the immense potential of human creativity and productivity. It blocks the true potential of humanity of this world.

Sustainable fulfillment of (Food + Shelter + Clothing) for the humanity = Basic Dignity for humanity to stand upon and to be useful = Humanity achieves its true potential.