The Challenge

The ProblemThe world needs all the care it can get. Humanity is the flag bearer of the historical evolution and development of the world. But a big portion of humanity is deprived of their basic need due to problems created by mankind themselves. Day by day many people around the world are living without the fulfillment of their basic human needs like food, shelter and clothing and are getting into the downward spiral of gradual eradication. While many try to help these people through aid, donation and philanthropic measures, many more are living outside that coverage. And at field execution level uninterrupted flow of aid or donation resources are not endless and they do dry out. And that’s where the biggest problem lies. The problem of being “lifted out of deprivation but not sustaining that”. It destroys the deprived people fully with their vulnerability being further enhanced.

The challenge in helping the world is not necessarily about the help itself, but rather making the help we provide sustainable and not dependent on aid money or donations only.