35000 Liter Water Purification Initiative

Sorting the tablets into batches, making it easier to distribute to the families and households.

In Carefountain, water has been a key issue ever since the foundation period and through close friendships, we decided to do a campaign related to water. In late June, there were huge floods and mudslides in the Chittagong division of Bangladesh, killing more than one hundred people and affecting thousands. At the onset of the flood,the Red Crescent Society Youth in Chittagong, led by Mr. Hafiz Salauddin, were working on providing aid and relief to the victims, including search and rescue operations, saving countless lives.

Carefountain wanted to reach out to these people by giving them access to clean drinking water, and thanks to recent purification technology, we decided to distribute more than 12000 water purification tablets to the most affected people. These tablets are not chlorine based, and will, in total, be able to purify more than 35000 liters of fresh water, whether it is from lakes, ponds, rivers or any other still water source.
There were not many people involved in this project, yet the outreach was still big and thanks to the volunteers in Carefountain and The Red Crescent Society Youth of Chittagong, a handful of people managed to distribute tablets to more than 300 families in the various thanas (similar to a district) of Bashkali. Unfortunately, in these areas, even though the big floods are over, the rain in the area is still pouring down and the basic infrastructure such as roads, ponds, fields and homes have been highly affected. The volunteers visited and talked to several families who had lost their homes and their livestock, due to the flood that hit them on June 26, at around 3 PM. Thankfully, it did not occur at night, so people were able to flee to safety and save whatever they could. In Carefountain we believe in long-term commitment, and through self-run projects as well as operations along with other organizations/companies, we want to do as much as we can to help those in need.

Finally, due to the good relationships the Carefountain members have with various organizations and social movements, this project is simply the launching pad of a myriad of campaigns and social work that you will see, run by this group of people.

If you, the reader, are in any way interested, or would like to ask or know more about who Carefountain is, what we do, and how you can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@carefountain.org

'These are the actual water purification tablets, Halotab, produced and sold locally, in Bangladesh.

Handing out the tablets to the most affected people, in the Banshkhali thana.

This woman lost her house in the floods, and had to set up a makeshift house outside with whatever furniture she managed to save.

The mud imprints reveal how high the water levels were at the peak of the floods. In this particular location, the water was more than 5 feet above the ground.